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A special space

Galpão Aplauso is a space designed to enable projects in professional and artistic training, benefiting young people from different communities in Rio de Janeiro and throughout the country, through face-to-face and online courses


Courses and Training

The Method desenvolved by Galpão Aplauso (Método Galpão Aplauso de Educação para o Emprego) includes in its methodological structure three levels of education and training:

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I begin by saying how grateful I am for my time as a student at Galpão Aplauso. It was a huge learning cycle that made me develop even more issues of daily life and society. Returning fifteen years later as an artistic instructor only shows how the project trains us not only to be artists, but to be good citizens.

Filippe Neri

Student of Galpão Aplauso's first class and current Drama teacher

It was a surprise for me. A friend talked a lot about the opportunities Galpão Aplauso could offer. The strong point is that, regardless of everything, we learn that we can always get past what happens outside. Life is not easy, we have to look for the best of ourselves.

Raabe Roque


The starting point is that Galpão Aplauso helped me pursue my dreams. I love being here, and I feel it will give me great opportunities in life. Whenever I bring up an idea, even if it may seem crazy, I always have the incentive to accomplish it and make it possible. Everything is possible, it only takes courage and determination.

Gustavo do Nascimento Silva


Galpão Aplauso is the place where I can express myself the way I want, doing what I like. A place of opportunity. I meet friends from all over the city here. Living far from the city center, is really cool to be close to everything: I can get out of here and visit museums, theaters, sights and learn more about Rio. It helps me channel my energy into something productive.

Renan Correa de Sá Moura

Former student

Galpão Aplauso is a wonderland! Here I have the freedom to be who I am. I have space to do what I love and say what I want, as long as I am aware that I don't invade other's space. As we coexist with diversity, it takes me out of the comfort zone, since I come from a place where most people are like me.

Jorge Lucas Nascimento Sousa

Former student