Our method, Education for Employment, has three levels of training and qualification in its methodological structure.

Humanistic Training

Level 1. The course is aimed at young people aged 14 to 24 years. It has workshops on Dance, Circus, Music, Drama and Visual Arts, in addition to humanistic workshops, such asLogical Reasoning, Values & Virtues, Nonviolent Communication, Reconnection with Nature.

Professional training

Level 2. In this course, the youngster, between 17 and 29 years old, receives professional training through workshops directed to areas of industry and service. The content includes Values & Virtues dynamics and school reinforcement in Portuguese and Math.

Specialized professional training

Level 3. Intended for students trained in Level 2. Here, they receive specialized technical training with theoretical and practical classes dedicated to specific industry sectors. Among the subjects taught are: Notions of Safety Standards, Production Quality and an Advanced Course of Values & Virtues.

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Artistic Workshops

Visual Arts

The content brings Art History, Urban Art and Graphite. The workshop is a tool to work emotions and spatial reasoning.

Cia. Galpão Aplauso

Created in 2005, it is formed by 50 students who took part in the other artistic workshops. They develop semi-professional work and stage a show produced by the artistic direction team.


It covers aerial and ground acrobatics. Works specific physical conditioning such as strength, flexibility, balance and resistance. It is also a tool for the development of discipline and confidence.


The dance workshop enables young people to develop spatial perception, awareness and creativity.

Galpão Aplaudo on the Web

Our artistic and humanistic workshops are also being offered in an online format, enabling the participation of young people from all over Brazil.


It covers singing and instruments. It also develops skills in string musical instruments and percussion while broadening the musical/cultural repertoire, as well as working on perception and memory.


It includes exercises, text readings and the setting up of small artistic sketches. It develops affection, generosity and stimulates reading.

Professional courses

Access by Rope

Enables the work at height with rope access. With IRATA Certification, accepted both in the national and international market.

Auxiliary in Nautical Services

Enables the work at the first level of the nautical services industry, in the operational auxiliary loads of vessels and marinas, whether on vessels or on the pier and in the yard. The student learns by practicing.

Logistics Operational Assistant and Forklift Operator

Training for the first level of the logistics industry, in the positions of operational assistant, lecturer and electric forklift operator. We have a Mini Distribution Center, for training in the daily practice of the profession.

Basic for Construction

It trains for all stages of construction, from foundation to finishing, including electrical and hydraulic parts.

Building and urban infrastructure

It provides training in the basic areas of civil construction and in infrastructure works in homes, commercial establishments and external works. 

Electronic Security Systems Installer

It provides training for working with computer networks, CCTV - video monitoring, access control and alarm systems for application, both in homes and in commerce.